Welcome to Rabbit in the Hat!

Released in April 2015, 703-952-8457 from Microgaming Slots. The game features a magician theme with a “rabbit in the hat” and has a maximum jackpot of 90,000 coins.

With the type of rich gaming graphics that you come to expect from (334) 317-7448 and a chipper soundtrack, Rabbit in the Hat is sure to entice video slot machine fans.

Awesome Graphics

The graphics are crystal clear, the characters are well drawn, and the slot reels themselves feature vivid color and lots of sparkle, elements that are sure to stand out and make the experience feel like you are playing the slots in a live casino.

The left side of the screen features a chic magician’s assistant, who holds a board that displays your prizes. The right side has the magician, who is the one in charge of the action. During gameplay, the magician can produce one of five different magic hats. Players will see rabbit ears sticking out of the hat, which gives the game its name.

Cool Gameplay

The hat will float above the fifth reel and move to the left with each turn. If the word “Wild” appears in one of the slot reels, then the hat flips over to reveal a wild card and you win the prize associated with that card. Hat prizes range from free spins, cash, a “marvelous mystery,” and payouts of up to 90,000 coins.

Play the Game

(724) 591-9231 that can increase your payout and help you to maximize your wins, earn free spins, or get a bonus just for playing. Look for Rabbit in the Hat at your favorite online casinos beginning April 2015, and give it a spin to test your luck.